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Fo banner /matching icon for my gj

Hey , since this is the only Tori amos community that actually takes request and follws them, I came here. I was hoping someone could take the BFP pic and make an icon and a friends only banner with it. Font styles can be left up to whoever does this for me. I did want them to read" They've got her armed as they buy and sell her" . I 'd do it myself but lack that sort of talent. Anyway if the size the banner could be 300 x 300 . Other than that just get as creative as you want! Thanks!!

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Once again I found a request of yours girly!!! :P :P :P
Do you need this one still done too ????
Lol..no it's okay hun. I've already got you swamped with work for a while lol. Thank you though. :)**hugs**
Well - if you want it can be done.
I have no other requests this week coming. I am waiting on a friend on mine to help tweek the coding for the layout so as soon as that is done the layout is finished (it has to do with location of text boxes really).

But if you want a friends only banner from BFP that won't take more than a few - the graphics are the simple part!!! It's the coding/layout that takes time ;)
oh okay, Lol. Well I did want an icon with the pic below so it reads:'GOT HER ARMED AS THEY BUY AND SELL HER" Any font is fine as long as it's readable. Thanks hun!

and you shall - i will work on that this week ;)