Schadenfreude (Kat) (sugarpuss) wrote in tori_requests,
Schadenfreude (Kat)

Welcome to tori_requests!

I am your maintainer, Kat, sugarpuss, along with Todd, enemaboy. Moderators will be announced.

This community is simple. It is for making and taking requests for Tori Amos/Tori-related icons. Please see the userinfo for the rules.

I would like to explain why this community exists. First and foremost, it exists for the obvious reason that people should have a community where they can request icons and where they can offer to be nice and make icons for other people.

I really enjoy taking requests, so I will gladly fill requests as time allows; the only thing I don't do is animation. I also like making requests.

There is a very similar community to this called tori_request. However, the maintainer there banned me solely because she dislikes me, which means that I have nowhere on Livejournal where I can make requests. Also, some other people have expressed that my banning was completely unjust (I had never broken a single rule) and I'm sure they would like a community like this one.

Although I expect the rules to be complied with (especially since they are very simple), I assure you no one will ever be banned from this community without good reason. I will not ban anyone just because I don't like them. Me not liking you does not give you any less of a right to be a member of this community provided you follow the rules.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get some members and mods soon. Feel free to begin posting anytime!
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