Schadenfreude (Kat) (sugarpuss) wrote in tori_requests,
Schadenfreude (Kat)

I am taking the first TEN requests.

These requests can be icons, friends-only banners, pretty much anything as long as it's not animated.

Be specific in what you want. Supply necessary pictures. If you want text or certain colors, be specific about that too.
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friend only banner, any picture from the SW era - and something that is black/white/redish... or just matches my lj layout.

I did my best, hope you like it -- SW era pic & lyrics, and all the colors you mentioned.

Image hosted by
it's wonderful - i like it loads! Thank you!
Could I have an icon with this picture and the words:

they say the girl lost her sway (without any capitals).

I want quite a light font not a big chunky one. Would it be possible to get rid of the speech bubbles on the right as well?

Thank you :-)
I know that you posted this a LONG ASS TIME AGO but - if your request was not answered I would be happy to answer it for you.

I am +the professional widow+ from [vimh+graphics] and if you deem me worthy I would be happy to help. ;)
Thank you so much, that would be great. I'd almost forgotten about this. I kinda gave up when no one replied lol!